Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Random five threads on SOCCC today

Halloween Competition and recommended blogs! - Letting people know about Skeezix's costume contest - and some of the wonderful blogs we have seen on here.

Kitten Count Down - Eunice has only three days to go before the beautiful Dora gives birth. Fingers crossed for Dora for a safe and easy delivery, and to Eunice who would love to have a Blue Tabby Point girl from this litter.

The Face of Evil - Evil Fred's response to us thinking he is cute, which really undermines a lad when he is trying to take over the world! Fred's blog can be found in the link section!

Pleasant lady for sale! - Jane has decides to have a go at trying to make some money to keep her cats in the luxurious lifestyle they have grown accustomed to!

Room 101 - A place for us to go and let off some steam about the things that really bother us in life!

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