Saturday, 17 November 2007


Five Random Topics on SOCCC today

Latte is a finalist! - Latte is a finalist in the Catster photo competition - hooray!! Don't forget to vote for him .....

Vaccinations and treatments - are Annual vaccinations or flea treatments really necessary for every cat?
Healthy Cat Food - We discuss the article, which can be found here

Doreen Tovey and those books... - Believed by many to be the greatest Siamese books ever written!

Hundreds of cats are dying - due to using flea treatments meant for dogs and containing Permethrin.

Friday, 26 October 2007

A shout out to Saikou!

Siamese kittens for sale in the UK. Oriental kittens for sale in the UK. Siamese kittens for sale. Oriental kittens for sale.

I'd like to recommend a new blog for anyone either looking for a Siamese or Oriental kitten, or for anyone who simply enjoys looking at lots of beautiful photos.....

......The blog belongs to my very good friend, Kim Baines, who breeds Siamese and Oriental cats and is based in the UK under the prefix of 'Saikou'. We co-founded our cat chat website, , together earlier this year. Kim also bred my beautiful Black Oriental, Baggy. I'm very proud to say that not only is Baggy the most wonderful baby I could ever have asked for, but he also holds the title of Grand Premier after being placed on the GCCF show bench. I can wholeheartedly recommend Kim as a breeder to anyone looking for a Siamese or Oriental baby. I first met Kim when looking for a kitten last year and I chose Saikou because I wanted a kitten from a reputable breeder who used good strong and healthy lines, and Kim and I become friends soon after.

You can also visit the Saikou main website

Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Five random topics on SOCCC today

Clicker Training - After seeing some videos on how to clicker train your cat, what do people think? Might this be a good way to keep you cats mentally stimulated and a fun thing to do together?

Boogie and LadyBugs Halloween Photos - Some absolutely beautiful photos of Boogie and Lady Bug.

Help! Mouse been savaged! - The toy mouse Row just bought for Homer has been savaged by the dog!! Homer is devastated, but can we help to find a replacement!

Autumn photos of Brabus & Morgan - Some more gorgeous photos of the two boys and their adventures in the countryside!

Skunk.... - Lauren gets a stinky visitor!!!!!!!

Sunday, 14 October 2007


Five random threads on SOCCC today

Cat people and Dog people - Is there such a thing and, if so, are they compatible with one another?

We have babies - Dora gives birth - many congratulations to Eunice!

Frosty the Snow cat! - Frosty the beautiful Foreign White kitten tries on his first ever hat - looks like he will be going for the job of Santa's little helper this year - very cute!!

Sexy Seal Point - Lauren's Latte - a breathtaking boy!

Do they remember you? - Once kittens are rehomed, do they remember their breeders if they get to met them again?